Find handy questions below for using our service!

How Do I Sell My Dress

Register, then login to the site and then complete the form on your account and make your payment. You will be notified once your listing is online. Please delete your ad once you have sold your dress.

How do I upload photos?

When you list your dress, you’ll be given the opportunity to upload up to 5 pictures for your listing.

We advise you to use your own beautiful wedding photos, showing full length back & front of dress and a close up. If you have any damage to your gown, please also include photos of this, along with details of damage in your advert listing.

Please note you take full responsibility when using stock shots from designers – you will receive an email if your ad needs to have photos of your actual dress and not stock shots, need to respect copyright issues of photos and these will need to be removed and replaced if there is an issue.

How will I receive enquiries about my dress?

You will need to login to your account to read and reply. Email enquiries will come direct from your ad.

How long will my advert run for?

Your advert will run for up to one year. Please remove your ad once you have sold your dress.

How do I know if an enquiry is genuine?

All members register on our site and we hope they are genuinely interested, however if you are sent links to other sites or are asked for details which are not related to your sale, be cautious. At all times use Paypal’s goods and services option when taking payment to ensure safe transactions.

Do you charge commission?

No – we don’t charge commission or referral fees. The charge to list your dress is £12 standard and £15 Premium and all the proceeds from the sale are yours.

Will you buy my dress from me?

No – we offer the facility to list your dresses for sale only. That is why you are able to make more money from the sale of your dress with us, as you keep all the proceeds of the sale yourself.

What details should I put on my ad?

You should try to give us much info about your dress. Designer name, style name/number. The original size of your dress and any alterations you have made to the gown since purchase. If your gown was damaged in any way please state and also confirm if it has been dry cleaned.

Selling multiple items?

Please note the price you pay is per listing only – therefore if you wish to sell a bolero/veil/tiara/shoes etc as well, it must be listed together with your gown.

How will people find my ad?

We do extensive marketing of the website, both online and offline and have active social media accounts – please share our social media pages!

How much should I sell my dress for?

The best way to decide what price to sell it for is to think about what you would be willing to pay for it preloved/new or the lowest price you would accept. Please see our “sell your dress" page for suggestions. It is better to sell at a lower price than risk not selling it at all and for the style to become out of date. Alternatively, add “ono" to your listing if you are willing to take an offer.

Do you sell new and unworn wedding dresses too?

Yes – many brides have purchased dresses which they have never worn. We also have bridal boutiques selling their samples, which will not have been worn before.

I've had my dress a while, can I still sell it?

Bridal fashions do change so after a while your dress may not be as popular as it would have been previously. The price should therefore reflect this and it may take longer to sell. We don’t recommend trying to sell your dress on the site if it is more than 3+ years old. All dresses should have been professionally cleaned and stored.

How do I cancel my ad?

Once payment of your ad has been received your ad will be published within 24 hours, once approved. We are only able to give refunds if your ad has not already been published.