Sell your dress – easily!

When a bride decides to make a purchase that’s either preloved or greatly reduced in price it can be difficult and confusing to know exactly where best to look. Often gowns are randomly grouped and listed together online and trying to sort through this information is difficult, equally so for the seller.

Most brides will have a good idea of what style they are looking for and even a particular designer they are attracted to. Brides may have tried on styles from a designer but did not purchase before seeing if they could get that gown at a reduced price. For those brides that need help and advice, having a platform that gives them lots of choice to view and compare is a great way to connect.

How to connect

We understand that selling your wedding dress was probably not something you thought about when purchasing, but after your day is over and you’ve had time to consider what you’d like to do with your dress, selling it could be a great option.

Selling your wedding dress is a very personal decision. For many brides preserving and boxing their gown is the desired choice but for those who feel that it would make sense to sell their gown, freeing up valuable space in your wardrobe and would be lovely to see it used again, selling a dress and making some money back is the ideal solution.

Many past brides choose to sell their gown by themselves online and bridal stores will have styles at reduced prices on their own website/online.  However, those gowns get missed by potential buyers as and it’s very easy for both the seller and buyer to totally miss the opportunity to connect.

Why choose Wedding Wardrobe?

Here at Wedding Wardrobe we provide online buyers the opportunity to view designers, different styles, sizes and prices in an organised way, before approaching the seller – you!

It’s very easy to list your gown for sale and all you have to do is make a listing. If you are interested in joining our platform then please take a look at the information on 'Selling Suggestions' page and then pop over to our 'How To Sell Your Dress' page where we take you through the steps of making your account.