Selling Suggestions

Our private sellers are part of a savvy group of people who want to get a return for one of the most expensive items of clothing ever likely purchased.  They also like the thought of helping another bride enjoy their gown – all while doing their bit for the planet. 

Our bridal gown suppliers have stock within their boutiques that they are offering at a reduced price, often with the gowns being in immaculate condition and unworn.

At Wedding Wardrobe we’ve created a platform that allows buyers to source dresses by designer and price. In addition, you can chat with the buyers, while keeping your personal contact details private. When you’re ready to sell, you use a secure payment provider, PayPal – taking the risk out of your sale.

1. Sell it for the Right Price

It can be hard to know how much to sell your wedding dress for, but being realistic will mean that you should sell your dress quicker.  We recommend you follow these rough guidelines

If your dress is less than a year old and has not been worn, charge 60% of the RRP

  • If your dress is less than three years old but has not been worn, charge 50% of the RRP.
  • If your dress is less than three years old and has been worn once, charge 40% of the RRP.

Selling your wedding dress is a great decision but it is important to be realistic at how much you could get for your dress and how quickly you would like to sell it.  Be prepared to negotiate on your gown if you get someone truly interested.

2. Give a Detailed Description

Make sure the description which accompanies the photos of your wedding dress is as detailed and thorough as possible.

Give the correct size and measurements (often found on the designer’s website), and make sure you name the designer, the dress number or style, the fabrics and describe any details.

If you do not have the designers size chart, or have had your gown altered. You will have to measure it yourself ideally stand in your dress and get someone to measure you in your gown.

It’s a good idea to include the following measurements:

Bust – For the bust, place the tape measure around the fullest point of the chest rather than under the bust.

Hip – For the hip, place the tape measure around the fullest point of your bottom, to include your cheeks – your hips are lower than you think!

Shoulder to waist – For the shoulder to waist measurement, measure from the top of the shoulder right down vertically to the waist – your dress may have a seam here making it easier.

Waist to hem – For the shoulder to hem measurement, measure from the top of the shoulder right down vertically to the bottom hem. You could also eat how tall you are and what height shoes you wore with the gown.

As a general rule – measure your gown twice to make sure you’ve got it right.

3. Photographs

If you want to sell your wedding dress you’ve got to make sure it looks good in your advertising photographs. Contact your photographer and ask permission to use your wedding day pictures, or you could use your own.  A dress always looks better on a person than a hanger.

Make sure you include at least one full-length photograph of the front and back, plus any close-up photos of the detailing.

You are responsible for all the photographic images displayed.  The better the images the more likely you are to sell your gown.

4. Maximise Its Value by Having It Professionally Cleaned

Your dress is more likely to sell if you’ve had it professionally dry-cleaned before you try and sell it. That way, its new owner has one less thing to worry about. However, if you’ve not had it cleaned then state this clearly on your listing and consider reducing the gown by the cleaning price.